Research Statement

Current technology offers number of sophisticated new sensors and devices (e.g. mobile phones, tiny cameras, brain stimulators) inviting for integration into smart man-machine systems, original medical devices, interactive assistive or rehabilitation tools and assistive environments. Our aim is to design and create such interoperating systems having in mind the needs of their intended users, be it medical professionals, patients, computer users or challenged persons. To reach this goal we take advantage of the fact that our expertise includes

  • know-how to ensure complex SW implementation and its integration with commercial HW components or some original HW solutions
  • research background in some AI disciplines, namely in machine learning, computer reasoning and signal processing.

This approach has been applied in most of our recent projects, see e.g. OLDES, COGAIN, Itareps. For example in the EU project OLDES we participate in developing a `digital nurse', a networked system able to permanently and non-intrusivelly monitor a variety physiological variables and issue early alarms. Our MedAT system, deployed in one of Prague's hospitals, accepts natural language diagnosis descriptions and, using medical ontologies, interactivelly transforms them into forms that computers can understand and mine for patterns. Our award-winning technology I4Control is a simple eyeball-movement tracker acting as a valuable data source in diverse use cases, such as computer control for the physicaly impaired, or in cognition research.

Main studied subjects:
Man-machine systems, medical tools, assistive and monitoring technologies, AI techniques, machine learning, data mining, signal analysis, data visualization.



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