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Anti-monotonicity dataset

This dataset contains data where clusters are in n-dimensional space, but these clusters are not detected in any lower space, in which are only uniform cloud of points.

Katalog modelů pro Matlab

Softwarový balík obsahuje interaktivní systém pro prezentaci modelů v prostředí Matlab-Simulink. Balík zahrnuje 20 modelů z oblastí epidemiologických, fyziologických a socioekonomických modelů. Důraz je kladen na využití systému pro výukové účely a otevřenost systému.

MRI diaphragm Analyser

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is valuable in the assesment of abnormalities related to the diaphragm, mainly because it allows for direct coronal and sagital imaging. The projects focuses on designing suitable methodology for assessing diaphragmatic motin in cohort of control subjects and subject suffering from back pain.

The software analyses diagraphm function using MRI during respiration and during posturoal function, i.e. without any respiration.

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PostPrioMed Commander

More and more people suffer from postural dysfunctions. The cause, in addition to chronic strain and/or repetitive incorrect posturing in office environments, is the fact that the control centres governing posture and movement are frequently only able to call up inadequate programs. Postural therapies are treatment techniques which objectively lead to synergistic, function-stabilising muscular activation in the spine axis organ, girdle regions and joints. The main goal of the project is objectification of two postural therapies based on POSTUROMED and PROPRIOMED systems.

TEDA (Testing of Eye Detection Algorithms)

An empty DB system TEDA (Testing of Eye Detection Algorithms) allows its user to store images or videos of eyes and use them for evaluation/comparison of various eye tracking (image processing) algorithms. It can be installed on the user’s local computer where it provides several useful additional services including the possibility to set reference values (e.g. position of pupil centre) for the stored images in a friendly interactive way. The TEDA tool is build using an free / open-source solution, namely Postgres Plus AS8.3 database server and Microsoft .NET Framework.