Tibor Strašrybka

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Tibor Strašrybka graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in 2010. He is currently a PhD student at the Department of Cybernetics, CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is a member of the Gerstner laboratory at Czech Technical University and its Nature Inspired Technology group.


PhD student

Computer games, Cognitive processes, Assistive technologies

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[1] Strašrybka, T.: Creating of a collection of standardized exercises for eye movements scanning. 2007. [available online at https://dip.felk.cvut.cz/browse/details.php?f=F3&d=K13133&y=2008&a=strast1&t=bach]. (in Czech).

[2] Strašrybka, T.: Framework for Easy Development of Puzzle Games. 2010. [http://cyber/research/theses/detail.phtml?id=101]. (in Czech).

[3] Novák, P. - Strašrybka, T.: System for PC control for Handicapped people. [Software splňující podmínky RIV (dříve Autorizovaný]. 2010. (in Czech).

[4] Strašrybka, T. - Novák, P. - Uller, M. - Štěpánková, O.: Simple Frameworks for Logic Games. In Young researchers and PhD workshop [CD-ROM]. Odense: Ambient Assisted Living Forum, 2010.

[5] Sova, J. - Novák, P. - Uller, M. - Strašrybka, T. - Kovář, J. - et al.: The Educational Model of Intelligent Building. In Sborník příspěvků 10. ročníku konference ZNALOSTI 2011. Ostrava: VSB-TUO, 2011, s. 313-316. ISBN 978-80-248-2369-0. (in Czech).