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Tomáš Sieger is a post-doc researcher at the Dept. of Cybernetics at the FEE, CTU and the Dept. of Neurology and Center of Clinical Neuroscience at the Charles University in Prague. He studied computer science at the Charles University in Prague and (bio)statistics at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. He focuses on biomedical data analysis and modeling. He works primarily to understand the functioning of the human brain, but he is also interested in modeling flow-cytometry data and developping software for data analysis. He wrote idendro, an interactive dendrogram exploration tool, and contributed to ggplot2, a popular R data visualization package. He is a coauthor of an adaptive model-based clustering technique used to identify leukemic cell populations. His is/was leading TA for courses on Logic programming, Data mining, and Statistics. See for more information.



neuroinformatics, neuroscience, data mining, statistics, modelling

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